SoFi Stadium gets an ‘F’ for its performance in the rain

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INGLEWOOD, California – The College Football Championship game exposed flaws in the multibillion-dollar SoFi Stadium’s design.

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Although the stadium received awards and recognition for its structural design, basic things like preventing people from slipping and falling on the wet flooring were overlooked. The stadium was built with openings on the north and south sides that allowed rainwater to enter the structure while it was raining. Some attendees were injured due to the wet surfaces.

People slipped when they walked on rain-soaked surfaces. Some people were hurt.

That part is incredible. It demonstrates a lack of imagination on the part of the engineers and lawyers, who should have ensured that any surfaces that could become wet had a non-slip surface.
To be honest, it’s inexcusable. Especially since the facility depends on people attending events there. Basic safety precautions are required, and SoFi Stadium must accept responsibility for any injuries that occur.

SoFi Stadium receives a ‘F’ for its rain performance.

SoFi Stadium was designed to be an indoor/outdoor stadium, but the floor is far too slick in the rain tonight. Several people have slipped and fallen and are being helped out on stretchers. January 10, 2023 — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi)
It is unclear whether the City of Inglewood’s Building and Safety department would have been involved in the flooring approval process, but it is not a good look to pay thousands of dollars to attend a sporting event only to be carted out by medical professionals.
Kroenke should also immediately order a comprehensive study of all surfaces on which humans may walk. If a new covering is required to reduce the risk of slipping and falling, it should be chosen and installed as soon as possible.
What does it matter to Kroenke? The 2026 World Cup and 2028 Olympics will be held in town during the dry season, but there have previously been reports of a sewage pipe bursting near the luxurious field level suites during a Los Angeles Rams game.
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Inglewood experienced an earthquake while the stadium was being built.

Mayor Butts was so concerned about the structure that he got up and drove past the stadium during a city council meeting that he shared with the public.
It was widely reported that construction workers told reporters they were under a lot of pressure to get the stadium open on time, which led to a slew of safety issues for the Turner AECOM Hunt joint venture, including the deaths of many workers.

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