TheACC has suspended a judge for a crucial offsides call in last week’s Notre Dame-Cal game

The ACC will reportedly suspend a side judge for a critical blown offsides call in Notre Dame’s win over the Cal-Berkeley Golden Bears last week.
Roxy Bernstein, ESPN play-by-play announcer:

According to sources, the ACC has suspended the side judge who called Cal offside on this play last Saturday at Notre Dame. ACC apologized to Cal for the mistake and admitted it was a bad call. They do not intend to make public acknowledgement of error and punishment at this time.
September 24, 2022 — Roxy Bernstein (@roxybernstein)

“According to sources, the ACC has suspended the side judge who called Cal offside on this play last Saturday at Notre Dame,” Bernstein wrote. “ACC apologized to Cal for the mistake and admitted it was a bad call.” They do not intend to make public acknowledgement of error and punishment at this time.”

The call came early in the second quarter, with Notre Dame facing a fourth-and-five situation on the Cal 30-yard line, trailing 7-0. The Irish were saved by a phantom offsides call against Cal linebacker Kyle Smith after Irish kicker Blake Grupe missed the 45-yard field goal.
Two plays later, Irish quarterback Drew Pyne tied the game with a 21-yard touchdown pass.
The college football world reacted quickly to the bad news for the Golden Bears:

Can we take those seven points and go to overtime? I didn’t believe so. However, I appreciate your apologies. That means a great deal.
September 24, 2022 — Michael Silver (@MikeSilver)

“Can we take those seven points off the board and go to overtime?” Michael Silver inquired. “I didn’t believe so. However, I appreciate your apologies. That means a great deal.”

Oh no. Was it a bad call that cost Cal football? That’s awful. #whatgoesaroundcomesaround COFIELD (@stevecofield) September 24, 2022

“Oh no. Was it a bad call that cost Cal football? “That’s terrible,” Steve Cofield said.

Cal did, in fact, defeat Notre Dame.
September 24, 2022 — Eric Spillman (@ericspillman)

“Translation: Cal actually beat Notre Dame,” tweeted Eric Spillman.

The ACC is terrified of the Pac-12, as confirmed by
September 24, 2022 — Kevin Wade (@KwadeSays)

“The ACC is terrified of the Pac-12,” Kevin Wade said.

@mcclureWX, your ACC refs
September 24, 2022 — Mike Clay (@Mike Clay)

“Your ACC refs,” Mike Clay said.

Oh yeah,
September 24, 2022 — Evan A. (@TwoSeamGripe)

“Ah,” another user commented.
Cal will play host to the University of Arizona Wildcats on Saturday. Notre Dame is also in action on Saturday, when it travels to Raleigh to face the North Carolina Tarheels.
[Roxy Bernstein] Formalized paraphrase
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The College Football Playoff is on the horizon, but what about Notre Dame?

Notre Dame’s home opener against Marshall is just a few days away — PULL THE TRIPLE OPTION FROM THE PLAYBOOK!
DUH I was surprised to see how much surprise there was about the Notre Dame vs. Ohio State TV viewership. The Irish and Buckeyes have two of the most devoted fan bases in sports, let alone college football. Add in the excitement of the season and a top 5 matchup, and the recipe for capturing the attention of fans across the country was quite delicious.
The numbers are massive, so what can we conclude about the future of college football? We’ve all seen how much money is at stake with conferences and TV packages, and it’s figures like these that have television executives salivating.
But, in five years, will that be a reality? Now that the college football playoff is set to be a 12-team format, there are a couple of competing theories regarding the future schedules of these teams. According to one theory, schools may make a greater commitment to better matchups to begin the season. In the new playoff era, a “good loss” hurts far less than it used to.
The other theory is that schools will not be required to schedule these difficult games outside of conference because there is no real need to strengthen the schedule.
I can’t predict which direction more schools will take over the next decade, but the television industry will undoubtedly have a say in some way. After all, the networks have been the primary drivers of conference realignment over the last decade, so their hands are already soiled and they are in the same bowl as athletic directors, presidents, and conference commissioners.

After losing to Ohio State, Notre Dame remained in the top 10, putting them in a good position to compete for a CFB playoff spot in the future. Notre Dame still has games against the #5 Clemson Tigers, the #10 USC Trojans, and the #21 BYU Cougars if they win out.
Heather Dinich of ESPN isn’t ready to rule out the Irish, and I’m just going to hitch my wagon to the HD train.

I’m still a fan of Utah and Notre Dame. They had to play their way into a serious discussion, but they did not play their way out. September 6, 2022 — Heather Dinich (@CFBHeather)

BRIAN KELLY IS STILL KING OF THE PRESSERVE. While the reporter in this clip claimed that she was joking and that she later laughed with BK, it’s still awkward AF.

Greg Flammang, one of our friends, is always good at talking with his finger. Here are a few highlights from the Ohio State game, because there were still some highlights.

There’s a lot to like about this play:

-Going four wide in 11 personnel -Rees calling a shot to begin the drive -Buchner taking the shot rather than looking short to Mayer –

Lenzy took a good route to get on top of the DB and then upfield to make room for the pass—great effort on the catch

September 7, 2022 — Greg Flammang (@greg2126)


On Saturday, Corso picked Brutus to be his headgear again.

Will he choose us? The truth is that it is neither. Is it a curse, or a blessing? Lee Corso is the host of “College Gameday.” It’s just for fun. Everything revolves around Corso. When “College Gameday” arrives on a campus, the buzz rarely revolves around the analysis Kirk Herbstreit or Desmond Howard will provide or the human interest pieces that will air during the broadcast. In 1996, he begged Ohio State to let him put on Brutus the Buckeye’s head, and a tradition was born when the program reluctantly agreed just hours before the show aired. It’s a legendary show on par with the best in sports television, but it’s become a cultural touchstone thanks to one man. In addition, he is 87 years old. He has become a cultural phenomenon. Rece And it’s one of the best parts of every Saturday. Is that a bad omen? His headgear selections have grown more elaborate and absurdist over the years, and the entire show builds to a climax leading into the day’s all-you-can-eat buffet of college football. His participation on the show has been reduced in recent years, but his co-hosts defended his remote performance to begin this season last week. Corso was on a satellite broadcast from his home during Week Zero, and he struggled with no one on the desk with him. “He’s doing fantastic,” Davis said. “I would advise those who were, to use your word, unkind or cruel to exercise some restraint. “I talk to him on a regular basis, and this weekend in Columbus, you’ll see a more relaxed atmosphere, and you’ll see him deliver, which is remarkable.” Corso is still 87 years old. During an appearance on Dan Le Batard’s show last week, Davis also took issue with some of the criticism leveled at Corso following the show’s return for 2022. Herbstreit is a valuable asset to him on the air. Corso performed better in a more natural setting, with his co-hosts next to him rather than in his ear. Because his mind is still very sharp at the age of 87.” Davis and Herbstreit were proven correct on Saturday. Corso is still entertaining. So, what happens next? However, without delays, remote locations, and earpieces, the job is made easier. “Anytime you do these shows like we’re doing right now, and we all watched TV back in 2020 when it became normal to watch these kind of shows, and I can just tell you in doing them, the delays and the things that go on are challenging for anyone, let alone you’re 87 years old,” Herbstreit said. “So I’m not sure who that is, but I’m enjoying every minute I can spend with Lee.” But, eventually, he will have to step away from the desk, and college football’s signature show will have to re-establish itself without the man who helped shape it. He’s still the same free spirit who approached Herbstreit early in his tenure on the “College Gameday” desk when Corso was tasked with assisting his new co-host in filling Craig James’ seat. The truth is that Corso cannot be replaced. “That chair needs to be someone who is fun and has a lot of personality,” Herbstreit said. The show will have to adapt. “He says to me, ‘Sweetheart, we’re in the entertainment business, and football is our vehicle,’ and nobody, I believe, gets that better than Lee Corso,” Herbstreit said last week. But, should the headgear be kept? Pat McAfee’s run on the show a few years ago was especially memorable, and his career on the field and in media make him a compelling first choice, but he has had a complicated relationship with ESPN and appears to be more focused on his role with his daily show and work with the WWE. “I’ve given the headgear a lot of thought. I sat beside him. That seems to be a Lee Corso thing. Former coaches such as Steve Spurrier and Les Miles would be excellent candidates, but Spurrier has never seemed interested in leaving the golf course for the TV studio, and the way Miles’ tenure ended, along with his issues at LSU, would make “fun” an apt descriptor for his addition. And, depending on who you ask, you might get different answers. Herbstreit promised he’d never do it, but he wondered aloud if the show’s signature guest pickers could do it at the end as a tribute to the man who invented the practice. “I will never, ever put on headgear.” I can’t imagine that person feeling comfortable being asked to put on headgear.” “This will be my 27th year, and I can’t imagine another person putting on the headgear when Lee decides to step down,” Herbstreit said. But the final scene of the show is still electrifying. Nobody can replicate it. It’s more difficult than ever to get through shows. The show will never be the same without him. So, if Corso is thinking about how many days he has left on the job, I have only one message for him: Not so quickly, my friend. It will never be the same after it is gone. And I still enjoy his winks at us internet-obsessed college football fans. Until this moment, when Tessitore rose to meet it. A few observations from the weekend’s sporting events on television: Joe Tessitore is still one of the game’s seminal voices, and it’s great to see him back after his stint on “Monday Night Football.” He’s not quite at the Keith Jackson/Herbstreit level, where the sound of his voice adds significant gravitas to a contest, but he’s on his way. “There’s no need for the surrender cobra just yet,” he cautioned as LSU charged up the field on what appeared to be a game-tying drive Sunday night. Schedule Announcers (@announcerskeds) • I’ve never seen a puke-six, but can the production truck hit the drop button or switch to a camera faster? When we see someone puke, some of us get dry heaves. #CFB #FSUvsLSU @JoeTessESPN (pbp) & @GregMcElroy (analyst) “You can tell he pushed himself!” September 2, 2022 — Sports Illustrated (@SInow) — Joel Klatt (@joelklatt) in response to Chris Jefferson’s 72-yard pick-six (: @CFBONFOX) #BoilerUp Having said that, it was entertaining viewing. And provided the most viral moment of the day. Even after a year, seeing Bryce Young in Heisman House commercials while still wearing an Alabama uniform is surreal. • It’s long overdue, but it’s still surreal. Between that and Corso’s legendary F-bomb in Houston a decade ago, “College Gameday” should toss a coin to see who will accept the FCC fine and try to go viral every Saturday morning. Daly is hilarious. On second thought, John Daly could work on the “College Gameday” desk. Nothing beats starting a segment by admitting you’re already drunk at 10 a.m. • The “College Gameday” crew playing a “Inside the NBA”-inspired “Who He Plays For” segment was a risky move that could undermine their credibility in a way that Charles Barkley can get away with but analysts like Herbstreit, Howard, and David Pollack may not. College football has returned. 3 September 2022 Marty Smith of ESPN (@MartySmithESPN) • Oncoming traffic jam! • Tim Brando’s attempt to mount Spencer Tillman made for great TV, but the song is “Jump Around,” not “Pony.” 😂😂😂😂😂 “College Gameday” is coming to Austin next week, but so is Fox’s “Big Noon Kickoff.” As an amateur college football television historian, I believe three pregame shows on one campus on a single gameday will set a new record. The stadium also serves as the location for the Longhorn Network’s weekly show. Timmy B adores college football, so this is fantastic! @TimBrando writes another chapter in his legend. • It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that this is the most fun time of year, and those of us who cover it have the best jobs in the world. (It wasn’t strange. I met Robert Griffin III for the first time more than a decade ago, when I accompanied him to his first day of school. September 4, 2022 — John Fanta (@John_Fanta) Later, I appreciated Brando’s Twitter behind-the-scenes. It was for a story, after all.) On Saturday, this was on display. He does things his way, and the results are fantastic. I liked how Griffin didn’t try to do TV the same way it’s always been done. He’s always done things his way, and I mentioned it to him last year when we ran into each other at a College Football Playoff mock selection and he was gaining prominence for his newest venture: television. September 3, 2022 — Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) THE BIG HOUSE WAS EPIC FOR THE FIRST TIME. Game introductions are, by definition, forgettable. What the hell is going on in the FS1 booth???? That was not the case. Griffin is undeniably a rising star on college football television, and he’ll continue to rise if he follows his instincts to do things no one has ever done before. 5 September 2022 “Big Noon Kickoff” seemed odd to punt on a Saturday show after hosting a Thursday night show at Purdue leading up to the Boilermakers’ game against Penn State. • Wrighting — FOLLOW @FTBeard7 (@FTBeard7) And his essay on college football consolidation making the sport more fragile and in danger of losing its soul was powerful. 4 September 2022 But as I watch it air… let me double-check my notes… This week’s fiery take: Thompson has always had the ability to get to the heart of a sport that he understands on a fundamental level. Yes, watching ESPN felt a little like watching a passionate essay video produced by bemoaning the demise of mom-and-pop shops and local retail in America. Arizona defeated the Aztecs 38-20, led by transfers Jayden de Laura from Washington State and Jacob Cowing from UTEP. Thursdays are good, but people awoke on Saturday with a lot of energy, and Fox had nothing to offer. Howard on USF: Freezing cold take of the week Davis’s thoughts on Arizona They were down 28-0 after the first quarter and went on to lose 50-21. Howard won last season’s Superdog contest, but he’ll have to start from scratch after picking the Bulls to upset BYU. (Photo courtesy of Junfu Han/USA Today) Despite the Wildcats coming off a 1-11 season and facing a San Diego State team that went 12-2 last year, Davis rolled with the Wildcats as touchdown underdogs.


Who will win the 2022 national championship? Tipico’s updated odds

Photographer: Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports Photographer: Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports Odds: +7000 Baylor University has 15 Bears. 2022 standings: 1-0 The 16 teams with the best odds of winning the championship, according to Tipico Sportsbook: 2022 standings: 1-0 The Georgia Bulldogs improved their standing with a convincing win over No. 13 Oregon, while Ohio State defeated Notre Dame in Columbus, Ohio. The Crimson Tide remain the odds-on favorite to win the national championship after a 55-0 victory over Utah State, but who else is in the mix? Tipico Sportsbook has updated its odds for which program will win the national championship in 2022. Penn State Nittany Lions (13). Photographer: Matthew OHaren/USA TODAY Sports Odds: +6000 The 14th Miami Hurricanes Wisconsin Badgers (11 points) Oklahoma State Cowboys (12 players) 10 Longhorns from Texas Photographer: Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports Odds: +6000 0-1 record in 2022 7 University of Oklahoma Sooners Odds: +4000 Source: Michael Allio-USA TODAY Sports Photographer: Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Odds: +4000 Odds: +3000 Source: Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports Six Aggies from Texas A&M Gary Cosby Jr/The Tuscaloosa News courtesy of USA TODAY Sports Odds: +2000 Five Trojans from USC Week 1 of college football has come and gone, and we’ve already identified a few pretenders and contenders. The eighth-ranked Michigan Wolverines Clemson Tigers (4 players) Two Buckeyes from Ohio State Georgia Bulldogs ranked third Scott Wachter / USA TODAY Sports Odds: +5000 Jayne Kamin-Oncea / USA TODAY Sports Odds: +2000 Jasen Vinlove / USA TODAY Sports Odds: +7000 (Image courtesy of Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images) Residents of Colorado and New Jersey can bet here. Photographer: Chuck Cook/USA TODAY Sports Odds: +7000 Ken Ruinard / USA TODAY Sports Odds: +300 Odds: +140 0-0 record in 2022 Alabama Crimson Tide is ranked first. Alabama, Crimson Tide, National Championship, Nick Saban, no_mcc, no_pt, no_yh, no_yhv, Tipico Sportsbook, UGA Ohio State, Football Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports Odds: +300 16 University of Florida Gators Tipico Sportsbook provides the betting lines.


Central State Rams beat Winston-Salem State Rams 41-21 in Black College Football Hall of Fame Classic

Maddie Schroeder/AP Photo 5 September 2022 Alabama A&M defeated Morehouse 35-30 in 2019. Two teams from historically black colleges and universities compete in the annual event. Grambling defeated Tennessee State 16-10 in 2021. The Black College Football Hall of Fame Classic was held for the third time on Sunday. Central State, on the other hand, followed Hines’ touchdown with back-to-back turnovers on their next two drives. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 version of the game was not played. The first half of Sunday’s game between the Marauders and Rams was filled with turnovers, but Central State took an early 7-0 lead in 31 seconds. Aside from the game, the event includes tailgating, music, and other entertainment over the Labor Day weekend. Winston-Salem State scored when Kyles threw an interception that defensive back Justin Fleming returned for a 25-yard touchdown. Following an 81-yard kickoff return by wide receiver Twon Hines, Central State took the lead with a seven-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Brandon Kyles to Hines. On Sunday, the Central State Marauders defeated the Winston-Salem State Rams 41-21 at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio, in the 2022 Black College Football Hall of Fame Classic. The Marauders extended their lead to 14-0 when defensive back Anthony Mack intercepted Winston-Salem State quarterback Richard Latimer for a 25-yard touchdown. Both teams traded possessions in the third quarter before Central State scored on its second possession of the second half. It contributed significantly to their one-score lead at halftime. Kyles finished the game for Central State by completing 26-of-41 passes for 277 yards and three touchdowns against three interceptions. Winston-Salem State responded with a touchdown pass from Latimer to Mobley, this time from 43 yards out, cutting Central State’s lead to 27-21. Latimer then connected with wide receiver R.J. Mobley for a 23-yard touchdown pass, tying the game at 14-14. However, Central State regained the lead just before halftime when junior running back Kaz Dina scored on a three-yard run, putting the Marauders up by a touchdown. Latimer completed 14-of-21 passes for 133 yards and one touchdown against two interceptions for Winston-Salem State. Kyles connected with receiver Micah Lowe for a 21-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter, extending the Marauders’ lead to 41-21. However, Central State scored again on their next drive when running back Aaron Kennebrew rushed in for a one-yard touchdown to put the Marauders up 34-21 at the half. Kennebrew led all running backs with nine carries for 39 yards and one touchdown, while Hines led all receivers with seven catches for 104 yards and one touchdown. Mobley led the Rams in receiving with four catches for 73 yards and two touchdowns, while Barnes led all running backs with 19 carries for 107 yards. With a fumble recovery, Marauders linebacker Jalil Lenore set up a short field for Kyles, who found wide receiver Kenyadus Hollins for a 13-yard score to extend the Marauders’ lead to 27-14. Central State will try to extend its winning streak against Lincoln University on Saturday, while Winston-Salem State will look for its first win of the season against North Carolina Central University. Central State had one interception and one fumble in the first half, compared to Winston-Salem State’s three interceptions and three fumbles. The most recent sports news, updated daily. YOUR INBOX SPORTS NEWS


The Sports Media Watch Podcast: August 2017 – Part 1

T.J. Rives and Jon Lewis of Sports Media Watch are “ready for some football” on the latest episode of the podcast, discussing NFL and college media. The guys talk about the preseason debut of Amazon Prime’s NFL coverage with Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit (and Fred Gaudelli), as well as what the future holds for them, the outlet, and Thursday Night Football viewership. Also discussed are the college football “week zero” games, including Northwestern’s upset of Nebraska in Dublin, Ireland, which launched the season for Fox Sports with a strong Saturday afternoon audience. T.J. and Jon then discuss Serena Williams’ final US Open in New York, the Monday night tribute to her hall of fame career, and other topics. Plus, is she the greatest of all time, or is it Martina Navaratilova, the dominant star of the 1980s and 1990s? Finally, Bret Behrens, sports director of WCIA-CBS in Champaign-Urbana, IL, joins the guys. Bret has an incredible story about how a near-death experience as a teenager changed his life forever. He overcame it and is now a well-known smaller-market TV personality. In a fascinating conversation, Bret discusses both. T.J. and Jon wrap up the show with another entertaining edition of “Love it or Leave it?” covering topics such as the Little League World Series, the WNBA Playoffs, and more. Hear it all on the “ Podcast,” and follow/subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, and other platforms!! Inquiries about advertising: Opt-Out & Privacy:
The Sports Media Watch podcast network features the flagship show with Jon Lewis and T.J. Rives, “Tell Me a Story I Don’t Know” with George Ofman and the “Announcer Schedules Podcast” with Phil de Montmollin and Mike Gill.


Friday’s Picks: The road to the Super Bowl

Friday was another long day as I had to drive back home from Phoenix to pick up my son Maddux at the bus stop at 3 p.m. PT.
That was after being up to 4:30 the night before and the 5-hour drive made it more than 16 hours of driving in the prior 52 hours. After taking a tiny nap, I went out to sign up some proxy clients in the football contests at the Westgate and Circa.
In the meantime, I was following my plays posted here yesterday. Unfortunately, I love my Best Bet on the Bills + 6.5 as they went from scoring 42 points last week to getting shut out 21-0 by the Panthers. I ended up passing on the Seahawks (opened -3, went as high as -7) but mentioned for the chalk players out there, but it ended up being a case for my dog-or-pass philosophy as they lost outright, 27-26.
At least I won my lone MLB play as the Angels 1st 5 + 150 came through with the Angels leading 7-0 after 5 innings on the way to a 12-0 upset.
Let’s recap the rest of Friday’s (full-game) betting results and then look for more 1st 5 plays on Saturday in addition to my picks for CFB Week 0.

Friday’s recaps

NFL: Faves went 3-1 SU and ATS Friday as Panthers (-5 vs. Bills), Saints (-4.5 vs. Chargers) and Raiders (-2 vs. Patriots) covered as home faves. The only upset was by the Cowboys (+ 7 vs. Seahawks) as home dog, so home teams 4-0 SU and ATS. Unders went 2-1-1 with the push in the Chargers-Saints (37) game.

More NFL: Faves/dogs are back to .500 at 3-3 SU and ATS in Preseason Week 3. Home teams are 6-0 SU and ATS. Unders 4-1-1. Overall, faves improved to 21-16 SU with 2 pick-’ems, but dogs still lead 18-17-2 ATS. Home teams 21-17 SU and 21-15-2 ATS. Overs dipped to 23-15-1 (60.5 percent).

MLB: Faves went 9-6 Friday with upsets by the Orioles (+ 174 at Astros), Angels (+ 168 at Blue Jays), Diamondbacks (+ 147 at White Sox), Cubs (+ 138 at Brewers), Reds (+ 135 at Nationals) and Mariners (+ 105 vs. Guardians). Road teams went 9-6. Overs went 11-4 .

More MLB: Faves lead 1,118-737 SU (60.3 percent) on the season with 27 pick-’ems (faves usually win around 59 percent; still ahead of pace; gap had been narrowing but now well over 60 percent). Home teams lead 994-886 (52.9 percent, usually closer to 54 percent but on the rise). Unders lead 920-860-99 (51.7 percent).

Saturday’s Takes

Wyoming + 10 at Illinois: I gave this out in the last issue of Point Spread Weekly on Wednesday. I’m being contrarian as I’ve heard some of my VSiN colleagues on Illinois, but I think this line was too high at 10 and like it even more at + 14 (14.5 at South Point) as everyone continues to bet Illinois like they know the final score). I don’t see it as being this big of a rout.

Vanderbilt-Hawaii Over 55: I made the case in PSW for the Over at 55 and liked it even more at Over 53.5 at several books during the middle of this week. The number has settled at 54.5 at most books as of early Saturday morning.

Angels 1st 5 + 135 at Blue Jays: I’m wheeling back on the Angels after they crushed the Jays 12-0 on Friday, especially because it snapped the Angels 6-game losing streak, so they’re a swagger play in our book. We also get Shohei Ohtani starting for the Angels as he’s a match for Alex Manoah, especially for 5 innings. A play on the Angels + 145 for the game looks good, too.

Good luck today (and every day!).


Drones used to search for wolves that escaped from Greater Vancouver Zoo

Tempest, one of the missing wolves, was eventually found and returned to the pack. (Image courtesy of GVZoo)

A drone used infrared imaging to search for wolves on zoo property.

This month, members of CFB Esquimalt were given the opportunity to use their equipment in a novel way.
CFB Esquimalt used a drone to assist in the search for the wolves who escaped from the Greater Vancouver Zoo on August 16. The drone, which is normally used to inspect antenna equipment on the navy base, flew over Department of National Defence property in Aldergrove, which is adjacent to the zoo.
The drone recorded video and used infrared sensing to try to detect heat signatures and locate the wolves. Ultimately, the drone failed to locate any of the animals.

The Base recently offered its drone capabilities to assist in the search for wolves who escaped from the Greater Vancouver Zoo after their enclosure was sabotaged. CFB BFC Esquimalt (@CFBBFCEsquimalt) August 22, 2022

CFB Esquimalt tweeted, “The base sends our condolences to the zoo for the loss of one of their wolves in this recent unfortunate incident.”
Someone broke into the zoo and cut a hole in the wolf enclosure on August 16. When staff arrived, they discovered that several people had gone missing. All but one of the escaped wolves were apprehended and returned safely during the subsequent search by the B.C. Conservation Officer Service, Langley RCMP, and zoo animal keepers. Tempest, the last missing wolf, was discovered on August 19. The day before, a young wolf named Chia was discovered dead.
“We are so grateful for Tempest’s positive outcome, but we are still processing Chia’s loss,” the zoo said.
The investigation into the break-in is still ongoing, but Langley RCMP Cpl. Holly Largy confirmed there were no security cameras in the area where the break-in occurred. Not only was the wolf enclosure fence breached, but so was the zoo’s outer perimeter fence.
Anyone with information about the wolf break-in and release is asked to contact the RCMP at 604-532-3200. The last missing wolf has been found alive after escaping from Aldergrove Zoo.

@moreton [email protected]

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